UMG Remove from parent stops working after some time on playing

Hello. I got 3 different objects on scene, i’m tracing and checking those objects and creating their menu widgets on viewport. When you click another object, it removes all other widgets and creates its one. And i got a global shortcut to remove all widgets from viewport. Everythings works til here.

But when i play to much with it, (trying and clicking different objects to see their menus) it starts to not work. Clicking other objects doesn’t remove other widgets and even my global shortcut to remove all widgets don’t work. I can post my blueprint network too but i’m sure it works for like 30 seconds but after that it starts to not work. Do you have any idea why it could be? Because i don’t have any timer function to change or break something in my scene.

Are you removing the widgets you think you’re removing? You may be creating multiple copies of the same widget by Creating them multiple times. Then stomping variables and so the ones you think you’re removing are just some other copy.

I’ll double check that but first 30 seconds i’m clicking my buttons and try them more than 20 times and it doesn’t break. I didn’t think about creating them multiple times. Thanks for the answer.

It’s the only logical idea about what about i’m doing wrong. I’m not checking they’re created or not while creating. That’s why i select this as answer.