[UMG] Question about styles moving forward

I know that styles as they are now aren’t meant to be used with UMG at this point and they are going to be replaced. Is “Appearance” what we should focus on from now on? Or will there be another structure coming down the pipeline?

If “Appearance” is the new hotness going forward, could I formally request a way to get appearance via blueprint? Right now we have a way to get Style, but since Style is no longer supported I’d like to see a way to get information like color and shadow offset so that I can lerp those values. Please and thank you!

EDIT: And while we’re here, a way to Get Text from a text block would be amazing. :smiley:

What’s there currently more or less reflects how it works at the slate level. The style is the slate style the widget accepts, and the appearance properties are the overrides or in some cases color multipliers applied during painting, they don’t always overlap. Some just completely stomp the style, as appears to be the case with TextBlocks (to fix). Generally though they are just minor tweaks on top of the style with more complicated controls like button.

Styles are still supported - just not the asset versions. When we start prototyping the style system’s replacement we’ll be able to give better direction. “Appearance” is what we’ve been calling the new thing internally, maybe externally too occasionally. It has no relation to the “Appearance” properties, those just are the properties not part of the style structure, but still have influence on look and feel.

Text Blocks have a GetText, but there are some strange issues with the blueprint context menu and UMG that need fixing. Try disabling context sensitive and like 5-6 GetText’s comes up, it’s one of them :slight_smile:

Excellent, excellent! Thank you for clearing that up for me. It all makes a lot more sense now. I see what value “Appearance” has external to “Style,” though I maintain it would be great if we could “get” “Appearance” properties if possible!

Thank you for your answers as always, Nick.