UMG Problem with reactivating buttons

I’ve got a call back to a widget that has a bunch of buttons on it, that need to be reactivated, I set them to active but they remain grayed out on the interface. The call to reactivate comes from the Playerstate, there are no errors and getting their active state shows them as being active. I’ve also tried adding in a call to make them visible as well, but no luck. Any ideas? This is in a multiplayer setup


For anyone that is interested, the problem came from the player-listen server. On a multiplayer setup without a dedicated server one of the players is also the server, which means that it’s not just clients that have widgets, one server does as well. Normally on a widget I would refer back to the player controller by using “Get Player Controller” which has a default index of 0, which is fine on a client machine, but if it’s the server it really tries to get the player at id 0 and alter its interface. At least this is what I’m assuming happened based on what I had to do to fix it, which is basically doing a “switch has authority” on the controller widget call and creating two distinct paths, one for the server which queries the gamestate directly (which holds the list of chosen heroes) and the client which does a “run on server” to do the same thing. In general this feels like a really icky way of doing it, and if anyone has a better idea I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

Think this is where nodes like is locally controlled and get owning controller come in handy. This is helpful when your using MyPlayerController to house where widgets are created then on a level or other blueprints.