UMG. Problem the player is stopped at the icon click

We create a UI for RPG

Set the action to the shortcut bar
It works

However, sometimes the player may stop
In other words, when you click the icon operation of the player stop

This problem occurs in the low probability

Solution Would you have any?
And wish a lot of ideas

The game framework releases keys for the player controller when focus is lost. Your best bet is to change the buttons on the hotbar to not be focusable. That will prevent them from stopping movement when clicked.

Thanks for the advice

Details -> Interaction -> IsFocusable, I unchecked
But I could not be resolved

However will not be able to jump bug resolution

When you are moving at an angle, it will not be able to move

Would how the solution?
We also need any ideas

I’m sorry the poor English

“Set the input mode, and displays the cursor” nodes that are in is not required?
No change in the operation even with the much

“By clicking the icon, can not be moved problems”

What are the solutions is this?:confused:

Are you using the arrow keys? Check that your [Root] of your user widget is not set to support keyboard focus. With keyboard focus, if it has it, it will treat arrow keys as navigation requests.

unchecked Support keyboard focus

As a result, the problem I have to solve

Thank you very much the kind advice:)