UMG ObjectListEntry GetListItemObject always null

I get the EventOnListItemObjectSet with a valid ListItemObject, but when i try to call the interface function it returns null.

Is there anything i need to do to make sure that it is set? Like set it when i get the event? The Documentation on this is a bit light.


Trying to do something like this

ignore the red error i just hadnt compiled

Doh! I didnt realized it was a function that i need to provide an impl too!!!
I return the item that was passed in from EventObjectListItemSet or whatever. but still isListItemSelected is always false? makes me wonder if i am returning the correct thing. I guess a workaround is to create event dispatchers for all of the list view events and have the delegate widget handle and update the item.

ditching the list, api doesnt support what i need (multi toggle)