UMG - Menu Anchor not opening on Construct unless there's at least a 0.1 Delay Node

As the title says, I have a Menu Anchor opening a Menu Class and I want the main widget that holds this Menu Anchor to open the menu on Construct/BeginPlay (I want the menu to show when the main widget first opens) and it doesn’t work unless I put at least a 0.1sec Delay node before it.

Is this normal? What am I doing wrong?


PS: bonus question: is there a way to keep open multiple menu anchors at once? (I noticed that it is mutually exclusive, when you open one, the others close)

Menu anchor can’t open until it can establish a valid widget path from the root - which can’t happen until it’s in the widget tree. Construct is fired in response to creating the slate widget, but it’s not in a traceable widget hierarchy yet - which is why the delay is required.