UMG Lagging Movement

Hi guys

Just a quick question, i am moving around a UMG widget using the drag and drop system, which works well but something i fine annoying is the widget lags behind the mouse by quick a bit and make the hole thing feel clunky, any ideas.

Thanks guys

Prolly has to do with the Rendering and Update stuff. Having this kind of problem myself with my inventory thing, iam using a custom method to do the drag drop stuff so the lag is barely noticeable

check out the video in my other thread:

Edit: Have you tested your drag drop stuff in a Standalone version? This speeds up things most of the time

Thanks for the reply ruohki, it was my fault i forgot that i was using a different system then normal and the performance is not great iv dropped all the setting and its working well now thanks!

Also really nice system you’ve got there very impressive :slight_smile: