UMG Keyframes aren't created

Hello everyone,

I have the issue that UMG keyframes aren’t created when I intend to. I created an animation and selected it, but no matter if I click the small “Adds a keyframe for this property to the current animation” button, or if I select “Auto Key” and change a property, no keyframe gets created.

Also, the UMG editor seems very wonky. The editor crashed 5 times in 30 minutes only clicking buttons and moving things around.

I would be very grateful for help.

After restarting the editor again the issue disappeared. Weird, but I have to remember “have you tried turning it off and on again” should always be the first approach! (Or the first few approaches :wink:

Have you had any issues with deleting an animation and then not being able to recreate an animation with the same name? I was having the same issue that you were having where it wouldn’t let me keyframe an attribute, namely the alpha channel of an image, so I deleted the animation and tried recreating an animation with the same name, but it keeps telling me that an animation already exists with that name. Tried recompiling, restarting the engine, everything I can think of, but nothing works.

I am experiencing both of these problems on 4.7.3, going to try it on 4.7.6 later tonight.