UMG Key Input Selector Won't Recognize Mouse Axis Inputs

I have a basic key rebinding setup based on the Key Input Selector widget in Blueprint. It works great, except it won’t recognize mouse axis inputs like Mouse X, Mouse Y, and the scroll wheel. Other axis inputs, like gamepad sticks, are recognized correctly.

I looked all over the web and asked around, but nothing and nobody seems to know anything about this.

What gives?

Also, I filed this under Blueprint Scripting because I’m doing this particular thing in Blueprint, but the rest of my project is in C++ so I’m open to solutions in that area if necessary.

I am having the same issue. Need a blueprint solution please.

What outcome are you trying to achieve ?

I ended up solving this problem by making my own input selector widget and using GetMousePositionOnPlatform() to record the mouse. You can use similar functions to record the mouse wheel, etc.

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