(UMG) Issues list.


• The ability for the scroll handle(thumb) to be set smaller than it’s slot. (the ability to control it’s width, without the minimum to be same as the slot) (just like it is in Visual Studio)

• The ability to control the scroll-handle’s height regardless of the scrollbox’s content height. (it can be really small and yet scroll very little. I have seen it in many places.)

These 2 updates would basically complete the scrollbox.


• The ability to control what the selected text color is going to be. As well as the selected background color(highlight).

Because currently the colors get configured depending on the text’s foreground color… And so, we are always forced to use specific colors just because if you selected the text it would look awful…

For example… i would like to highlight the selected text with foreground black with light gray and not blue or sth but it’s impossible…

This is totally a must-have… I wonder why we don’t already have this option.

#Spinboxes have this bug and when reported here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51851) it got marked as Duplicate… when its not.


• I still don’t understand what Step Size option exists for… For me it does nothing… They say its for Keyboards and Controllers but what does that mean? I’ve tried everything with keyboard and nothing happened.

Eitherway… shouldn’t the Step Size ALSO work for cursor? I suppose we could use a custom handle if we really needed the handle to snap to a grid… but just saying - if it’s easy to implement.


• There should be a Content Color and Opacity option on buttons for when the button is hovered, clicked etc because its not very nice having todo this just for the style of one button.


• Why does it default to Restore State? Literally in 100% of my animations i have to change it… It wasn’t like this in 4.16. So please make it default to Keep State.

What about a button in Designer’s Tab that sets the zoom to 1:1? Because all of the time i have to slowly scroll staring at the ZoomText to see 1:1. (Just a small improvement)

Perhaps the Zoom text could be a button so when you click it, it goes back to 1:1 (default)

#Combo Box:

If there is something that the combo box needs - its child padding… Padding option for all of the texts, otherwise every combo box is useless.

Just like we can create Material Instances… shouldn’t we have the ability todo the same with Textures? Because its not very nice having to add a second version of a Texture just to have it rotated 90° (just saying, it would be nice to just right click - Create Texute Instance and then modify the Texture Instance however you like) (including rotating it)

And lastly… why it is that we cant “Adjust” each Texture while in-game?

Is it possible to add nodes such as “Set Texture Hue” and so on?

Just pointing out my issues with UMG. Hope it helps.

Adjusting Textures makes no sense, because those are not runtime settings. Even if they were, it would be extremely expensive to modify the bulk data of the texture at runtime like that.

Texture Instances also make no sense, as for that to work you would have to copy the entire texture somewhere else and modify it (again at runtime). That’s like filling your content browser with copies of the same texture but rotated - very wasteful.

Alright yeah… what about the rest?

The rest all looks like sensible suggestions to me (or bugs in some cases, in which case they should go on Answerhub)