[UMG] Issue with UMG widget positioning

Hello everyone!

I’m having a little problem with my UMG widget positioning. I’d like to deproject an object that appears on the screen and position my widget into it but the issue is that the widget position isn’t equal to the resolution and the value seems to be scaled in a very specific way.

here is a little image to illustrate the problem I have :

As you can see, my screen resolution on the X axis is 829 and I have manually set the position of my widget at 1300 and as you can see my widget is still visible (this is an example to illustrate my problem and not what I’m trying to accomplish).

What I’m actually trying to do is keep the bar at the top of my character no matter what the resolution of the player is.

PS: My anchor is a single spot at the top left.


You should check out these two posts, I think they’ll help you solve your problem: