UMG Inventory tutorial

I’m at this point in the tut: - YouTube

When I drag off ‘As My Character’ the ‘SET’ node gives me an error: This blueprint (self) is not a GameHUD_C, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection. I noticed in the video his Cast node says ‘As My Character C’, whereas mine says ‘As My Character’ - what’s that about?

I don’t know what this means. Going back over the tutorial to see if I made any mistakes I couldn’t see anything. Any idea what is wrong?

Ok, I believe that error is due to this:

The problem is when I drag off MyCharacter there is no ‘Get Health Value’ option. See: - YouTube

Yes! That is what it was and I am indeed using 4.6.1. Thank you eXi.

I feel silly now for not realizing about the engine version

This don’t seem to be related to the SET node. You have seem to have a node that uses the GameHUD Class you created and you don’t have plugged in a GameHUD Variable to its target.

Do you have any Blueprints where you access your GameHUD Class somehow?

Could it be, that you are using the version 4.6 of the Engine and the Tutorial is using an older version?

In 4.6 you need to make the variables public to access them. In the Variabel tab of you CharacterBP, you can find a small button at the right side of every variable. Try clicking it so that a smal eye opens. Compile everything again and try to get the health value again.

No problem. This is something they already plan to change back. :stuck_out_tongue: