UMG Inventory system not functioning properly.

Hi guys, as the title says, I am struggling to get this inventory system working properly.
This is the tutorial I followed which is pretty good.
I think Part 5 is where I’ve messed up somewhere but I’m not sure. Something to do with the slots maybe?

So what the issue is, is when i right click on an item in my inventory only the menu for the first item in the first inventory slot shows up.
For example if i have a banana in the first slot and a stick in the second slot, and then click on the stick i get the option to eat the banana. And if i have the stick in the first slot and the banana in the second slot and click on the banana and i get the option to craft using the stick.
Here is a video of the problem in action:

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I’ve been through the tutorial 3 times and I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything as it says.
if you need any info like blueprints then ill post em! Or… I’ll send the project files over as they are only small.

Thanks alot!