UMG In-World causes VR crash?

Hi there,
I have been developing a level that uses in world UMG to display information. This has been working up until now. Earlier on, I was optimising for Oculus Rift DK2, following the tips from the Showdown Cresent Bay Demo. After applying all the settings in the blue image on this page… Epic Games Share Insights: Optimizing 'Showdown' for 90 FPS on Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Prototype – Road to VR I noticed that the VR kept crashing. It was due to the In-World UMG trying to render.

I have noticed that the blueprint for the UMG in-world seems to have bugged so that the Widget no longer renders in the world, editor, or blueprint components tab.

The UMG has transparency, is drawing at the same resolution in both UMG UI designer, and the blueprint, and was working previously.

Just reporting this bug but if anyone has a fix it would be fantastic.

Do not worry, it was the command r.RHICmdBypass = 0

This disables the drawing of 3D UMG