UMG Feedback and Bugs for Unreal Engine 4.26.0

Hey Unreal Team and Developers,

I’m sure there was already a lot of feedback on 4.26.0 and the team is already working on many bugs. However, I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few current bugs and at the same time connect some of them with feature requests. Since I mainly work with UMG, I will only talk about it. The following bugs in UMG I have noticed and reported, but for which no issues have been created yet.** I’m only talking about UMG here.**

1.) Delays are not working when game is paused (Since 4.26.0)

One or the other may have already noticed. In UMG in 4.26.0 delays do not work when the game is paused. In an Answerhub post a possibility was already shown how the problem can be solved. But I would like to take the opportunity to connect new features with the bug fix right away: In Actor classes there is the possibility to enable “Tick Even when paused”. It would be great if this could be done in widgets as well. This would give you more control. In addition, it would be desirable if UMG could get its own timers. Since timers in UMG are known not to work when the game is paused. I have submitted this bug under the case case # 00280420, but no issue has been created for it yet.

2.) Rendering issues when blending Progress Bars through Retainer Boxes (4.24 - 4.26)

This bug exists since 4.24 and I have already addressed and reported it (Case # 00276144) in mid-December, but unfortunately an issue for it has not been created yet. The issue is that progress bars rendered by retainer boxes can be rendered incorrectly. The incorrectness of the rendering depends on the resolution, but unfortunately I can’t say exactly why this happens. However, it is reproducible even in a build and can occur in different resolutions.

I would like to take this opportunity to propose a new UMG feature for the palette, I would call it “Layer Box” or “Mask Box”. The Mask Box can contain 1 child and is used exclusively to mask the content with 1 or more masks (Textures / Materials) added, where different settings for masking can be helpful, e.g. Masking Intensity. If you had to compare this feature with masking out in e.g. Photoshop, it would probably be that of the layer mask. In Photoshop, layers can be assigned masks.

"Masking out" would mean here, you have a mask texture that you create e.g. with Photoshop, this mask texture is black and white. Where the white areas in the image represent the area to be rendered and the black (or transparent) areas in the image represent the area to be masked out.

This feature would be a good alternative to the positive side effect of the retainer box, since the retainer box is actually intended for the purpose of optimization (as far as I know) and not for design purposes.

3.) Feature Request: Masked Background Blur

It would be cool if you could mask out the background blur with a texture using the same masking method I explained above. As far as I know, this is unfortunately not yet possible in BP / UMG at the moment.

4.) General Engine Feature Request: "Edit Struct"

It would be great if you right-click on a make or break from a custom struct to be able to select “EDIT STRUCT” and open the “Struct Editor” directly from it.

So that’s it from me for now. I wish you guys a healthy year.

I also noticed that all the contents of a retainer box in 4.26 look washed out and slightly blurry. It would be really good if this is checked again, it is after all not an unimportant issue.

Yesterday a hotfix for 4.26.0 appeared and 4.26.1 has so many great hot fixes, but no UMG fix at all (except 1 crash report fix). Guys, delays are not working in UMG 4.26 if the game is paused and the retainer box renders it’s content washed out and I don’t have to mention the retainer box bug I reported above. Pleeease fix this, or at least create an official issue of the bugs I reported.

So, I took a look into the source code to see what could cause the bug, so I compared the source code of the retainer boxes between 4.23 and 4.24 and found a change which might cause the bugs. The bug also leads to the fact that when you execute a transform, the content of the retainer box is no longer transformed with it.

Check it out ->

Feedback… well I am working a couple of days with UMG now and I am biting my keyboard every minute since then, resisting to scream.

Simple things like: Fixed size of a Button.

Little example:

— Button
— Text

When you make the Button the same size as the SizeBox, it shows like the size of the SizeBox. When you hover over it in the game…its still the old button size. Why?

OH wonder in all gods hell after getting crazy: You actually have to resize/margin the TEXT to make the HOVER size of the Button. So, this is either a bug - or something that does not get into my mind but it does not make sense in a way on how hierarchy or design works.

Or how to reset a button state to its original style? I was able to do that and now have a big Widget Blueprint Spaghetti Monster and like 10 variables just for reset per Button.

UMG,…I don´t want to rant…but it really needs a makeover as some points.
There are dozens of unanswered UMG / Widget questions on the Answerhub and while we get MetaHumans and whatever next is coming, one of the most important tools in the whole engine feels like its a MSPaint compared to Photoshop. You can do a lot with it but there are so many little stones you get in your way that its crazy how long it needs to build a reasonable game UI.

Sorry for venting and have a good start into the weekend.

And I can continue with it the whole day, my list gets longer.

Example: I need a Button keep “pressed” - Sounds easy right? It was not…so I am looking for alternatives. Checkbox…sounds nice and you get a Button pressed style look as well.

Now…I just place it inside a vertical box like all other buttons. Why does it ignore the Picture-Frame that is “on top” of it? I believe there are some magic coding reasons for it, but just another example of why my inner artist is rubbing eyes and just don’t see any viable reason for it. You have an idea of an Orange…and UMG is throwing Bananas back.

I strongly believe I am just using UMG wrong at a lot of places and doing a lot of mistakes there - but when documentation, tutorials, answer-hub, Google and even your trial and error approaches fails then you are looking into some oblivion of questions.