UMG + DrawLine - I´m missing the thickness Option?

Hi there…

I want to connect multiple Widget-Windows with each other by using Lines (Beziers). Therefor i want to use the OnPaint Override and use DrawLines to get my Vector2 Array Positions of the Lines and Paint em on the Screen.

Now the problem…:
The DrawLines AND DrawLine Node only have the Pins:

  • Exec In/Out
  • Context Ref
  • Points-Array or Position A/B
  • Tint
  • Anti Alias

So… where can i setup the Line Thickness? Do i really need to spam heavy counts of Lines to reach thicker lines, or is there any Trick not stated in the Docs?

By the Way… the Docs… This is the WidgetBPLibrary Entry:

There´s no use of Thickness in the Function, but the parameter is explained… so…
Where is it gone?

Not a direct answer to your question but the HUD version of DrawLine has thickness exposed:


That´s not working for me, since the HUD Line is not culled with the Canvas/Panel Border, which is working with OnPaint DrawLines.