UMG/Blueprint multi widget issues

I have a real complex question. Or maybe not but I have spent a whole month on this and I am going crazy.

Goal: to have all of my UI screens controlled via widget switcher.

Screens: Options, class selection, screen, mode select.

Additional elements: Tab bar and button legend.

Okay, here is what I am doing. The switcher hosts the widgets for the screens and they are indexed 0-3. I currently have a system to switch between screens but I am running into two issues.

**RESOLVED - **1) when I exit the menu system the player can’t move. The player can look, shoot, etc but cannot move. I am sure it has to do with the construct setting mode to UI but destruct should be resetting those flags.

  1. I cannot control any of the interactive elements of the menus. I have the logic for each screen as part of their specific widgets, but I suppose the issue I am having is how and where I set the focus. One possible solution is to move all of the logic of all the screens into the main menu but I don’t think that is the best policy.

This entire process is fired from the player controller and uses in map location data as well. So with that said, this problem consisists of 7 widgets, a map, and a player controller.

That said i cant just post everything here so I suppose what I am looking for is best practice scenarios or suggestions that may help me rethink how to do this. Perhaps where the logic for particular events should live or how things talk together.

Any help on the mayter would would be great and I will share what I can if there is a specific thing needed.

Make sure to reset your set game to game mode when you destroy an UI

Okay, so I found that the order of operations was off so now when I close the menu all the way out, I have player control again so I will update OP.