UMG Animate ZOrder?

Is there any way to animate ZOrder of widgets in UMG? There are a few good cases where this would be really valuable, like slightly overlapping images and being able to animate the images to overlap on top of each other dependent on gameplay. (Scorecards, etc)


I move your thread to blueprint section.

I am not sure about Zorder as when i tried i didn’t find a way to change it during runtime but i may have miss it. Related to images, you can use a widget switcher to set one image on top.

Did you ever get an answer for this? I had the same question but didn’t want to create a new thread about it :slight_smile:

Just did a try with an image: drag a “slot as canvas slot” / set Zorder. (tried with a button and a flip flop to have it changing. Works fine.

So simple, haha. I blame the fact I’ve been working non-stop. Thanks as always Fen, You’re awesome (As per usual). Will give it a go, Will report back!

Thanks for kind words. Happy that helped you ^^

I SO love you, Fen