UMG and finger index


Just a small question, so maybe someone faced the same problem.

On player HUD (during playing level) I use touch interface with joysticks and few additional buttons in separate widget.
Of course I can add buttons to touch interface, but I want to animate them, so they placed in separate widget.

So, if I hold left joystick to run, and then tap “jump” button, my character will run and jump, but if I tap anywhere on screen again (character is still running), character jumps second time.
It looks like UMG think that 1st finger index was on joystick, 2nd finger pressed jump, and then 2nd finger pressed jump again, but in fact it was pressed somewhere, not exactly on jump button.

Any thoughts?


If I add buttons exactly to touch interface everything works fine.
So I think there is some problem in input order between touch interface and widgets

ok, **** it…
Seems it’s better to use buttons directly in touch interface.