UMG Actor not visible when looking through Camera Actor

Hi All

I’ve made a UMG actor which I’ve placed in the game world. When I’m looking at it from a character, I can see it, but when I’m looking through a camera actor, it disappears. Anyone know why that happens?



I have a few questions to help me clarify the issue that you are experiencing.

  • When you say UMG actor, are you referring to a 3D Widget?
  • Could you provide an image of the issue that you are experiencing?

Thank you.


Its a normal UMG widget that’s set to a custom size, that’s been added to the root of an actor bp. I was just following a tutorial. What I was trying to do was have a key that the player presses that pauses the game and sets a new view target- which is a “menu” camera. The menu is in a scene that’s in the game world. I can’t send a picture because it doesn’t work so I am now having the player controller possess a custom default pawn, to serve the same purpose. Although its possible to do what I wanted to do using a 2D widget, it doesnt work if you want the widget to be 3D or in the game world.

It would be marginally more convenient to just switch to a menu camera rather than unpossessing and possessing different pawns.

Thank you for providing that information. Since you cannot get a screenshot of the issue occurring, could you provide images of your blueprint setup? With images, I can attempt to recreate your setup and see if I can get the same issue to occur on our end.

Hi Sean, what I mean is that I’ve dismantled what I had set up. But its very simple. If you create a widget in the way that I’m describing, look at it in the game world using a pawn- whether thats a character or any kind of pawn, then use the set view target with blend node to view the widget via a camera actor. Without unpossessing the pawn. You’ll find that it is not visible.

I have created a widget, added it to an actor blueprint, and then placed an instance in the level. Whether I’m looking through the Pawn camera, or using the Set View Target with Blend node to set the view to a camera actor, I am still able to see the Image that I’ve placed in my widget. This is why I’m interested in seeing how you had yours set up, as I am unable to see the same issue in the tests that I’ve performed.

Ok, in that case streaming levels may be something to do with it. I’ll recreate it in my error repro project and send you a link…

If you’d like to keep the link private, feel free to send it to me in a PM:
Otherwise, you can just drop the link here. Thank you.