Ultra mega zoom

Hello everybody !

We are working on a RTS prototype and I wonder if we could :

  • have a very detailed map (landscape + few meshes + some foliages) on a table
  • clique on an icon in the map and zoom inside the map on the table to play the selected level inside the map.
  • After the end of the game, the camera get out of the map and we can have the briefing for the newt mission with the map on the table…

I think that it is possible.
But before starting to do it, I want to get some return on the idea.
Do you think about something we should be aware of ?

Here’s the things we have think of yet :

  • LoD on landscape and meshes will be important.
  • the light in the room must be kept away from the map on the table… One light channel for the room, one other channel for the map.
  • Maybe we will have such problem with sounds ambient…
  • we will have some scales issues : if a character in the map is 30 cm tall, the characters in the room with the table will be several kilometers tall and the room will be really huge ! We will have trouble with render distances. will the camera get out of the map, we will need to change the render distance for almost every thing : dynamic shadows, meshes…

We take any suggestion - idea - advice…