Ultra-Fast Line Tracing + Physics Forces

Does anybody have a faster method of performing Line-Traces?

I notice that the default UE4 Line Tracing system goes through a lot of code that I know I’ll never need while working on my HoveringMovementComponent, and I want to do an uber-fast line trace that only gives me the impact location and surface normal, and maybe physical material later down the line. Other than that I really don’t need all the other details.

The reason I ask, is because my game could have several hundred of the hoveringmovementcomponents operating at once (and networked - scary!), and it’s the line-traces and using them to add forces/impulses that are bring the game to a slow right now.

Get what you need from epic code, dispose of the rest, i.e, write your own code using Epic’s code (the parts you need from it and don’t use those parts you don’t need).

That’s what I though of originally, though I’m wondering if somebody as a ridiculously fast way of doing it. I think the slow part may actually be the Physics Calculation, but that doesn’t matter to much as I’ll have to transfer that into actual World Position Updates later, or I won’t be able to replicate it too well.

I’m telling you, take what you need, throw away the rest. Make library for future use and be done with it.