Ultra Dynamic Sky

What’s happening there is probably that the directional light in the SunSky actor is still visible, and affecting the lighting/atmosphere Make sure it’s visibility is turned off.

Also, I did end up adding a system for a simulated sun using date/time and latitude/longitude in an update recently. You could get the latest version of UDS and try that out instead of this modification.

Greetings eedobaba,
I have a problem with the volumetric clouds the other sky modes work as intended, the the volumetric clouds are streaky.

This is a new project my previous project the clouds where fine, any ideas what might be causing this?

I have them looking ok now, I had to turn the sub noise scale all the way up and turn the high frequency noise layer to 0 still would like to know why the default settings are not working.
still some streaking going on but far better than the first img.

Hi. can you help me why when I play after a little bit of time it’s just raining each time I play and it does not do anything else? what can I do to make random weather type?

This seems like it must be a problem with the 3D volume texture in use. Does the same streaking appear if you change the global material quality scale to something else? (You can adjust material quality level from the Settings dropdown on the main toolbar)

This sounds like the setup for the demo map, but from several versions ago. It was set up to demonstrate a simple weather change from clear to rainy. But that hasn’t been the case in a few versions. I would first recommend updating to the latest version from the launcher.
To enable random weather variation, check “Use Random Weather Variation” on the UDW settings. From there you can configure what weather types are used in the Weather Type Probability maps and how often and how fast weather changes.

Where can i change the “Use Random Weather Variation” everything in UDW settings have categary and have “Use Random Weather Variation”.

The setting is at the top of the Random Weather Variation category.