Ultra Dynamic Sky

The greatest thing I got from Marketplace. Thank you.

Thanks so much!

I have the same problem,did you fix the problem?

It has been ages since I’ve visited this thread! Looks like it hasn’t been too active, but sorry to anyone who came here asking questions or looking for help. I never stopped replying to support emails, but I guess there came a point where I just forgot this place existed for a long while. I’ll try and keep a closer eye here in the future.

Anyway, I just published a major update for UDS, the first in a long time. It’s for 4.24 and the big thing is integration with the new Sky Atmosphere system. Here are the main changes:

  • Added Sky Atmosphere integration, enabled by default. (You can still revert back to the legacy coloring if you like by unchecking a box in Basic Controls)
  • Added a built in lighting solution for sun/moon/sky lights + a basic height fog, enabled by default. All of these can be disabled or replaced with a reference to an external actor.
  • Reorganized and recategorized many of the settings, to make them a little easier to understand.
  • Lots of various adjustments to the shader and the default values, to better suit the new default look with the Sky Atmosphere setup.
  • Various bug fixes

Since this is such a signifigant change to the look of the sky, I’ve also updated the screenshots on the marketplace page and created a new product video to show the current version.

Good to see it’s integrated the new Sun/Sky actor into it, not so great that the marketplace and launcher has bugged out not letting us to update to it.

Yeah, this was a stressful weekend trying to figure out what was going wrong there, with the sky on sale and lots of new people confused why they couldn’t download. It’s fixed as of this morning though! The download is working.

Hey @eedobaba I picked this up during the sale over the weekend, truly amazing work! Looking forward to using it on many projects. I have a question, I’ve placed it in my current project, changed some settings, read your great readme at the bottom of the details panel, etc. But for some reason I’m still getting the error 'Too many overlapping shadowed moveable lights, shadow casting disabled: Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_BP. Any insight to this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This morning, I put up a little hotfix for the 4.24 version to address some big issues. Here are the changes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused signifigant FPS drops on some projects
  • Fixed directional light default settings which could cause an engine bug with bright gray flickering artifacts across the whole screen.

The new version of the sky has shadows enabled for both directional lights (sun and moon). Though by default, only one of them should be active at once. I’d recommend grabbing today’s update. I think it’s possible this is connected to the directional light issues that were just addressed.

Someone noticed that during nighttime the exponentioal Height fog just go away (Unless you have volumetric fog enabled)?

Anyway to fix this? I think it is related to the inscattering fog which is driven by the curve color but so far I have no luck to make fog appear again…

Basically it’a "appear during dawn, sunset and day but not during night (unless you goes on Volumetric being something my project can’t allow for Fps reason).

Also consider I am using World composition so the problem could be related to the z axis of the heightFog actor.

Is that in the old (up to 4.23) versions or the updated 4.24 version? Either way, by default it definitely shouldn’t completely disable fog at night. It adjusts the fog color to coincide with changes of time of day, but it’s not set up to ever go all the way black. I guess I would concur that it probably has to do with the Z height of the fog actor. I can’t off the top of my head think of another clear cause for that.

Thanks for updating the plugin, however the new update with 4.24.2 gives me accessed none SKY_MID among a few other errors. It is not entirely clear if this is due to project cached content, but prior to your recent hot fix update there were no errors here with 4.24.1. I have removed the plugin for now, will test later again.

Hi everyone, I am having issues with getting raytraced reflections and ray traced global illumination to work simultaneously when using the latest version of UltraDynamicSky. The screenshots below illustrate the problem.
It seems like the only way ray traced global illumination works is by having the skysphere not be visible in ray tracing but then, it causes the sky sphere to not be visible in the reflections. I need both reflections and GI working simultaneously. Please advise.


I’m using the Ultra Dynamic Sky and having issues when rendering out a scene using Sequencer and Volumetric fog.

Please see attached screengrabs.

The first pic is of what the scene looks like with the volumetric fog working before rendering.

The second pic is the render results of an animation, with Volumetric fog not working, it doesn’t render, is there a setting I need to use to make it render?

Basically the volumetric fog doesnt render out in animation.

Kind regards

In response to some confusion and requests for clarity in updates and release notes, I’ve decided to make a public document to act as the change log moving forward, instead of burying that info in this forum thread.

It’s linked to in the marketplace description as well, and I’ll link to it in the readme whenever there’s another update.

Looks like your screens didn’t get attached. I’m not seeing them.

This isn’t an issue I’ve encountered or had reported, so I’m not sure what might be happening. Email me at and include those screens and I’ll try and figure out what might be going wrong.

hi so i recently just bought UDS and im pretty happy for its performance.

now i wanna sync up the time of day of UDS to the using open world system(OWS) and the creator has shown how to do this in this video:Let's make an MMO in UE4 - Part 20 (Multiplayer Time of Day) - YouTube
but i havent have any luck or rather i dont know what value should i use can u help me?

here what i have done: Screenshot - 105d8db0f6680c3ee187be69fa516b3c - Gyazo
Screenshot - 179e00247d465ae7b5d9b66f56cec193 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 8865d2f5ed4114fc8c93ee4094a8a15a - Gyazo

if you have discord,that would be nice since im not really active when replying on email…my discord name is KhaiSaki#1061

An update has gone up today for 4.24 with a few changes, fixes and new features. Here’s the change list:

- Added mobility settings into the Lights and Fog section to make handling static lighting easier.
- Added two event dispatchers to the sky to help control weather effects. They're called "Start Rain" and "Stop Rain". The dispatchers will trigger when the cloud density hits a user set threshold. Simply bind the dispatchers to events in your weather blueprint and rain/snow can be controlled by the changes in cloud density.
- Disabled the sky mesh visibility to ray tracing by default. An apparent engine bug in 4.24 is causing the sky mesh to seemingly break RTGI without shadows being turned on for the mesh. So by default, with RT enabled, reflections will fall back to skylight/captured reflections for the sky. (Based on my own tests, this is probably a good move for RT performance anyway.)
- Changed default Disabled Brightness on the built in sun and moon components, so that distant meshes aren't as dark by default while cloud shadows are enabled.

As always, you can refer to the changelogs here:

Replied to your email.

Hi, I have a strange visual issue with Ultra Dynamic Sky. I have two projects and the sky just looks different when I drag a fresh Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_BP into the scene.

Here’s a screenshot of a new, empty level where I dragged that Sky BP into:

The left side shows how I think it has always looked like. The right seems to kind of mirror the clouds on the horizon?

Hard to say what the issue is without knowing what specifically is different between the two projects. Have you tried removing the UDS files from both and readding them from the launcher? That should force it to get the newest version of the files at least, and if they’re in the same engine version, there’s no reason at that point that they should look different outside of specific project settings that are different.

Yes, I fully understand that it’s hard to tell anything this way. I also don’t know what should be different. I will try to reproduce it in one or two clean projects for side-by-side comparison.

What I did is to copy .uasset files from one project to another. I think I never “normally” added Ultra Dynamic Sky through the Epic Launcher but just copied it over one to one into the other project. I wouldn’t expect that this results in any weird changes though.

Looks to me like the one on the left has a height fog actor, but the one on the right doesn’t. If I’m not mistaken, the 4.24 version of the asset has a height fog actor built in, but earlier versions don’t. If this is from an earlier engine version, then just adding the UDS actor to the scene wouldn’t add a height fog actor resulting in the difference in those images.