Ultra Dynamic Sky

Try changing the height fog on runtime, make it darker and more opaque(just mess around with it to get it how you want) and then change it back again when you have finished with the rain sequence. By the way you can change the colour of the clouds you must untick option to update colour during night day cycle, then you can change it yourself.

I noticed this same thing but have not the time to figure it out yet, would be nice to know the answer.

Any chance this will receive Linux support? Currently if trying to activate the animate day & night cycle it will cause an extreme lag during gameplay.

BUG in 4.21 - Any scene with UDSky give crash in wireframe mode. (In Dynamic only Light)

not find problem yet, just spend money on nothing ^(

[FIX] Warning: Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update x

Hi! Just open all the curves, and save them.
If there is still a warning, make a little change and save again.

Is there any printed documentation available? I love how this looks, and how easily it hooks into my directional light and fog, but need to figure out a few more settings. Like configuring the sun and it’s location. Cant seem to find it in the sky anywhere as I change the time of day. Also, the light intensity doesn’t change based on night and day, need to figure out how to do that. Looking forward to getting this implemented in my project, looks great!

Thanks David,

That actually worked :slight_smile:

It seems to work for me as long as I have a separate directional light in the “sun” and “moon” slots. If I use the same directional light for both, it seems to do some kind of interpolation between the two which makes it always light outside.

Hello, its possible to add a clock for this? and do the cycle 40 minutes day and 20 minutes night? Also it’s the light of the night adjustable?

Hey - Does anyone know how i can animate the “Time of Day” within the sequencer? i just want to render a sunset - so i exposed the “Time of day” to cinematics. But when i set Keyframes - nothing changes in my preview - except the values … drives me crazy ,…

Hi, I also got these warnings and followed your suggestions and they disappear, but I have strange black flickering on clouds since updated to 4.22.
Any thoughts appreciated what can cause this… Maybe this also relates to color curves.

Above problem solved, updated/replaced all UDS files except the BP (which I modified heavily).

[USER=“3236122”]Marcel Weigelt[/USER] If you open up Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_BP and edit the details of BasicControls->TimeofDay, check the tickbox next to ExposeToCinematics

can you add weather simulation?

Yeahh this pack needs weather simulation…

Related to a cloud default float setting, changing these can fix the issue.

Okay, so after editor restart the issue came back, again changing cloud settings inside the BP fixed the issue. Unclear what setting is actually responsible.

I had same issue. Changed Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_Mat_no_auroras (or Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_Mat if auroras) blend mode from Opaque to Translucent and flickering stopped.

Yes but when you do this, the moon disappear… any solution?