Ultra Dynamic Sky


I’m using the Ultra Dynamic Sky and having issues when rendering out a scene using Sequencer and Volumetric fog.

Please see attached screengrabs.

The first pic is of what the scene looks like with the volumetric fog working before rendering.

The second pic is the render results of an animation, with Volumetric fog not working, it doesn’t render, is there a setting I need to use to make it render?

Basically the volumetric fog doesnt render out in animation.

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In response to some confusion and requests for clarity in updates and release notes, I’ve decided to make a public document to act as the change log moving forward, instead of burying that info in this forum thread.

It’s linked to in the marketplace description as well, and I’ll link to it in the readme whenever there’s another update.

Looks like your screens didn’t get attached. I’m not seeing them.

This isn’t an issue I’ve encountered or had reported, so I’m not sure what might be happening. Email me at and include those screens and I’ll try and figure out what might be going wrong.

hi so i recently just bought UDS and im pretty happy for its performance.

now i wanna sync up the time of day of UDS to the using open world system(OWS) and the creator has shown how to do this in this video:Let's make an MMO in UE4 - Part 20 (Multiplayer Time of Day) - YouTube
but i havent have any luck or rather i dont know what value should i use can u help me?

here what i have done: Screenshot - 105d8db0f6680c3ee187be69fa516b3c - Gyazo
Screenshot - 179e00247d465ae7b5d9b66f56cec193 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 8865d2f5ed4114fc8c93ee4094a8a15a - Gyazo

if you have discord,that would be nice since im not really active when replying on email…my discord name is KhaiSaki#1061

An update has gone up today for 4.24 with a few changes, fixes and new features. Here’s the change list:

- Added mobility settings into the Lights and Fog section to make handling static lighting easier.
- Added two event dispatchers to the sky to help control weather effects. They're called "Start Rain" and "Stop Rain". The dispatchers will trigger when the cloud density hits a user set threshold. Simply bind the dispatchers to events in your weather blueprint and rain/snow can be controlled by the changes in cloud density.
- Disabled the sky mesh visibility to ray tracing by default. An apparent engine bug in 4.24 is causing the sky mesh to seemingly break RTGI without shadows being turned on for the mesh. So by default, with RT enabled, reflections will fall back to skylight/captured reflections for the sky. (Based on my own tests, this is probably a good move for RT performance anyway.)
- Changed default Disabled Brightness on the built in sun and moon components, so that distant meshes aren't as dark by default while cloud shadows are enabled.

As always, you can refer to the changelogs here:

Replied to your email.

Hi, I have a strange visual issue with Ultra Dynamic Sky. I have two projects and the sky just looks different when I drag a fresh Ultra_Dynamic_Sky_BP into the scene.

Here’s a screenshot of a new, empty level where I dragged that Sky BP into:

The left side shows how I think it has always looked like. The right seems to kind of mirror the clouds on the horizon?

Hard to say what the issue is without knowing what specifically is different between the two projects. Have you tried removing the UDS files from both and readding them from the launcher? That should force it to get the newest version of the files at least, and if they’re in the same engine version, there’s no reason at that point that they should look different outside of specific project settings that are different.

Yes, I fully understand that it’s hard to tell anything this way. I also don’t know what should be different. I will try to reproduce it in one or two clean projects for side-by-side comparison.

What I did is to copy .uasset files from one project to another. I think I never “normally” added Ultra Dynamic Sky through the Epic Launcher but just copied it over one to one into the other project. I wouldn’t expect that this results in any weird changes though.

Looks to me like the one on the left has a height fog actor, but the one on the right doesn’t. If I’m not mistaken, the 4.24 version of the asset has a height fog actor built in, but earlier versions don’t. If this is from an earlier engine version, then just adding the UDS actor to the scene wouldn’t add a height fog actor resulting in the difference in those images.

A small update to UDS just went up. Just one change. It fixes a bug with volumetric fog, so if you’ve been having problems with that, be sure to grab this update.

The changelog:

  • Fixed a bug which could cause flickering and breaking of volumetric fog. This involved adding a specific “cast shadows” option for the sun and the moon, in their respective categories. It’s enabled for both by default.

As always, you can check the changelogs here:

Are there any specific default configuration settings, is auto exposure a requirement now? With the latest update, and previous versions the default settings, using the inbuild lights, result in the scene to be too dark. I played around with sun intensity, brightness settings, and the post process, with auto exposure enabled/disabled, but it always remains underlit.

The image is 1200 o’clock, with defaults, using only a slight LUT post process.

The result can be managed with: Sun Light Intensity = 8, Night Breightness = 70, Overall Intensity = 5.

Auto-exposure isn’t a requirement, no. There’s no reason setting the exposure manually shouldn’t work.

There were changes a few updates ago to address problems with default brightness, but specifically because it was looking too bright and washed out for some. The current version was set up so that it looks relatively balanced without any auto-exposure by default.

For reference, here’s how that looks on my end, in the current version. Empty scene, no auto-exposure, and sky using default settings:

I’m not sure what’s causing your project to dim everything down so extremely. The values you mentioned for things like Night Brightness and Overall Intensity are definitely way higher than they should ever need to be. If you try the demo map included in the UDS files, does it exhibit the same problem? Also, are you using any particular unconventional lighting features in your project? And is ray tracing enabled?

Having great results with your pack, I’m leaving advanced settings alone and manipulating the rest with data tables and there’s a lot of flexibility.

Looks like you’ve enabled Extended Luminance in your project settings. UDS currently uses default lighting values which are much darker than real-world ones.

Ray tracing made no difference, disabling the UDS feature ‘Use Exposure Range’, is a workaround.

Thank you, this was indeed the issue! Disabling it yield now the desired effects.

Not a huge issue but if I play in editor and the player spawns considerably from the default start location the sky is just blue. Visible in this screenshot Not tested yet if this also happens in some circumstances in a packaged export.

Any tutorial or idea on how to set up lighting for accessible houses and buildings on the map?
Every way I do it is with the strange lighting along with the UDS during the day and night transition.

Maybe I am missing something obvious but I am really struggling to control the depth fog/heighfog on the horizon. I am doing a sunset sky and no matter what I do there is a thick band of brown coloured fog on the horizon. I want the fog on the horizon but I want to change the colour. Most likely it will need to be a physically innaccurate colour but no matter I can’t really understand what parameters I can control affect that fog colour on the horizon (I tried adjusting the mie scattering and rayleigh scattering to no avail). If I go into the height fog component I can see the brown colour coming from the fog inscattering color. If I try and force a change to that colour then the fog goes to the colour I want but immediately reverts back because it’s being controlled in the shader by other parameters. Do you have any advice for adjusting this height fog inscattering colour? Everything else in my sky is perfect… just not the height fog colour.

I thought I figured it out by creating a custom height fog actor and using that instead. This worked but again the colour gets reset by UDSky even with the custom actor. I can turn off use sky atmosphere but then I lose all the other cool sky atmo effects

If you set the UDS Skylight to movable it brightens interiors a lot.

Are there plans to optimize mesh?
Its size, triangles…