Ultra Dynamic Sky

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Ultra Dynamic Sky is available now on the marketplace.

The marketplace description:



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Looks great, I like the video too. Would it be too early ask what your price will be?

I submitted it with a proposed price of $29.99.

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This looks beautiful!

How much will you be charging for this?

EDIT: Just saw the above post 29.99 for the tool. Cannot wait :slight_smile:

this is the best tool i have ever seen for UE4 so far. Shure i will buy it for 29.99!!!
Best Thanks for this wonderful tool!!!
Kind regards,

That looks fantastic. Is there any way to make the clouds look a bit less painted and more realistic? They look great but I’m in need of as much realism as possible.

Wow, this looks great man, looks like i’ll be buying this as soon as it comes out! :smiley:

This looks great! I agree with sitrec though, at some points the clouds look a bit posterized.

Is the sky easily customizable? Like, cloud patterns and such.

Looking forward to this

Nice tool mate!
Just a few questions:

  • is it networked?
  • how performance hungry is it?
  • what is the degree of exposure to code and bps?

Great!!! When it will be available in the marketplace?

Looks nice!

Would like to know the answers to those questions too!

  1. Networked? Not sure I follow this one.
  2. It’s a fairly complex material, but it is just one material. The performance cost shouldn’t be too bad at all.
  3. The blueprints controlling the sky are very simple. To control the system from the outside would be as simple as remotely setting a few variables, and the sky would update on its own.

By networked I guess he means that does the sky replicate properly to clients. So if server changes parameter XYZ, is the change replicated to clients?

Cant wait for this!!

I imagine you’d at least be able to replicate the current values, even if the sky didn’t look -exactly- the same, it’d look pretty close to the same.

Very nice! Does it uses a Skylight adjusted in realtime as well as sun/moon light? Does it have a proper 24h clock also that can be customized?

This is the most impressive sky I’ve never see !!!

Awesome :smiley: