uint32 parameter to UFUNCTION or UPROPERTY is bad_type?

In a custom class, I’m using a uint32 as a parameter for a function and a property, both preceded by UFUNCTION and UPROPERTY respectively.

When I go to a blueprint to invoke the function or set/get the property, the pin for that variable is a dull beige color, and the tooltip for it says bad_type. How can I define integer parameters or properties in my class?

EDIT: And how do I specify default values? I get a parse error when I try to set a default value.

Means that blueprint does not support this type, i had the same with int8

You set default values in class constructor, the values you set there appear as defaults in editor, if you mean in function argument then… there no option for that as i know.

You can use the UIMin metatag to prevent negative values in the details panel (do a search for it). I have no idea about function parameters, but you could always throw an assertion if the value is negative.

I used int32, that seems to work. It just means I need to validate in the back-end. Also I couldn’t set defaults because uint32 wasn’t a recognized type, it works with int32.