UI unusable in DX12 mode - crashes on clicking on interface


So while I do have an unsupported GFX card (Quadro P4000) - raytracing GI, reflections and everything else actually works well in DX12 mode. Albeit slow! It’s fine for experimenting.

The issue is that UE4 is insanely buggy in DX12 mode and will basically crash when I click on any item, any menu too fast. Sometimes it will even lock up and crash when scrolling.

Could it please be fixed? Some users might want to experiment with the raytracing features (our business) which is thinking about investing in multiple $3.6K RTX nvidia cards but we need to know if it will handle our data first and if it’s a worthy investment to commit with UE4 and raytracing at this stage.

To have UE4 stable in DX12 mode for experimentation with our data would be appreciated.

If you’ve got ray tracing enabled while having that issue then that’s probably why, that card really isn’t made to do ray tracing.

Thanks, that’s correct.

However raytracing still works with GI and reflections perfectly but the UI crashes.
Understood though - would just be nice to test scenes before jumping in on RTX cards.

It might technically work but it isn’t capable of handling the amount of information it needs to fast enough since it doesn’t have ray tracing cores.