UI text overrides with specific keys

Hello everyone,

Instead of trying to explain my problem with text, I’ve made up a video which explains my issue. I forgot to mention in the video that the variable “Key Type” contains all the different keys I have to open specific doors (blue, red or green key). I can be changed directly on the scene.

I hope that you can help me. I’m pretty sure that it is a really simple thing to change.

Thanks a lot guys (sorry if my english is not the best by te way).

What type of widget are you using to list the text?
Does it allow multiple children?

The node of Destroy actor cause your problem.

the bool value your used for Branch node is belong to the actor, and it would be cleared as soon as you destroy the actor.

Hmm I don’t have access to my computer today but I’ll take a look as soon as possible and I’ll let you know. I’ll take a look at the destroy actor node.

Kris: It is a simple User Interface widget. I think that he does allow multiple children because I have the same widget for a float number and its working.