UI Material won't update?

Hey again. I’ve got a problem getting a UMG flipbook animation to play properly. I am trying to start it, play it once and then the animation stops. The problem was that once the widget shows, the material sometimes starts from halfway through, which doesn’t work for me. I did this set-up, including a scalar parameter :

Material Setup :


Widget Setup :


The logic is there - material time is multiplied by 0 initially, keeping it on frame 1. Once the widget shows up, the scalar parameter becomes 1, making the animation play at normal speed. What happens instead, is the animation stays on frame 1, as if the material doesn’t update itself… I print-stringed the scalar parameter - it does change to 1, so it is the material that doesn’t update. Any ideas?

Also tried with a ‘get time elapsed’ node - nothing works…

Bumping this! Anyone?

Bumping this again!

Fixed it. Used a ‘get dynamic material’ node to get it to work.