UI Flickering Possibly From Unreal Studio Beta/Unistall

Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I have flickering occurring when hovering over any UI element. It seems to have started after I installed the beta of Unreal Studio. It happens in both 14.92 and 4.20.3. I may be overthinking this but whats the best way to remove Unreal Studio to check if this is indeed the problem? Any help is appreciated.

NOTE: I run an i7-5820k CPU and a 1070 GPU and haven’t had this issue until now so I don’t think its a hardware issue.

Hi there.

This doesn’t strike me as something that is likely to be caused by by Unreal Studio, but it’s always good to test. The only unique change to the Editor with Unreal Studio is the Datasmith Plugin. To remove it, you could either disable the plugins per project (in the Editor, go to: Edit > Plugins > Unreal Studio > and disable all plugins and restart), or you can entirely remove Datasmith from your Engine installation (in the Launcher, go to: Library > Installed Plugins > Remove)

So I removed the Datasmith plugin and that wasn’t the issue. The flickering still happens when I hover over the tool bar elements and browser. I’m debating on a full editor uninstall and reinstall but I’m afraid to lose my current level setups.

Have you tried updating your GPU drivers?

Good luck!

Yup, there was one today for the GPU. Also, I reinstalled everything and it still flickers. I’m thinking GPU driver at this point but again, it’s all updated.