UI Brush with material always applies tint as color.

Hiya! I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature request.
When I apply a material to a brush in Slate or UMG, it’s always tinted by Tint and Color/Opacity, even if I don’t do that in the material. I would rather have that be implemented as a multiply by Vertex Color (Or possibly something like Particle Color) on the material side to be consistent with the behavior of materials elsewhere. This would also make it possible to use Vertex Color as things other than color. I would like to use it to control an animation in my material for example.

Then make your own widget that behaves that way, you can place UMG widget in to UMG widget so make one that behaves as you like, remember that you can send parameters to material same as you do with mesh. Thats the point of this archtecture, when you can take ready widgets and re setup them as you like and reuse them anywhere.

In C++ you make your own widget based of UImage and you can directly manipulate behavior of color and tint varable by overriding SynchronizeProperties function, which is function that transfers UMG widget properties to Slate

only limitaion here is that you can’t override SetColorAndOpacity which would complete implmentation, but you can do your own function to control it. But im not sure how animation interact with it, if it calls SynchronizeProperties it will work seamlessly. In C++ side you can also directly communicate with Slate that powers UMG.

As “Tint” name it is applying to anything that what Slate draw, it a quite low level feature so it ahrd to alter it other that overriding. By design tint should behave the same on all widgets, so it is correct behavior