UHT Unparsed class problem

I’m getting this error from UHT while trying to compile my project:

Unparsed class ‘MyServerBeaconClient’ found while validating DependsOn entries for 'MyServerBrowser’

The project code is split between 3 modules: Common, Client, and Server. The MyServerBeaconClient class is defined in the common module and the MyServerBrowser class is defined in the Client module. I’m guessing the problem is due to the client module trying to use a class defined in another module. How do I make UHT happy?

Do you have an actual DependsOn keyword included in MyServerBrowser’s class declaration? If so, nix it, it’s a rather nonstandard thing and is rarely (if ever?) actually needed.

Nope. DependsOn is not used anywhere in the project.


Removed the #include “MyServerBeaconClient.h” from MyServerBrowser.h and replaced it with a simple forward declaration:

class AMyServerBeaconClient;