Ugly circle in Pilot mode

Hello everyone, I just started experimenting with Unreal Engine and encountered a weird problem that I couldn’t find any documentation for with basic searches. When I use the pilot mode on a spotlight I get this big circle in the middle of the screen (color of the light) that blocks a lot of my view, it’ll flicker on and off as I move it around but it’s there the majority of the time. Anybody know anything about this?

Here’s a screenshot.

Thanks in advance!

It’s the arrow icon of the Spot Light, you can press G to hide it.

I’ve been going through the tutorial videos on the basics of the viewport. I just learned about the piloting feature and was wondering something… Is there any other reason - beyond the basics - why the arrow icon thingy should be showing for the currently selected actor while piloting that actor?

I was thinking maybe this could be something that would be handled automatically only for the currently selected actor without hiding all the icons with G-key. For example, if while in pilot mode, the editor would automatically hide the arrow icon. And, when exiting pilot mode, reveal the arrow icon automatically.