UGameplayStatics::LoadLevel(..) vs UEngine::Browse(..)

Description kinda says it all but just to be sure I would like to know what the differences are here if any.

You find the Loadlevel one mentioned on different forums when searching for how to load levels. It was only when I checked out the ShooterGame demo that I noticed there was no usage of this.
Instead it had the Browse one. I became curious and tried to search on it but could not find anything relevant. Looking at the declaration I can immediately tell one has a return type and the other does not.

Is there a difference besides one returning a result?

UGameplayStatics::OpenLevel is all local. It just travels to the map you specify.
UEngine::Browse is for networked games, and has a little more attached. You can read more about it here.

Thanks for the reply. Have been busy so I was not able to reply sooner.