UE5A. Action mapping problems with C++ and Blueprints

Hello Community,

I’ve found a weird issue using Input Action mappings with UE5A.
I have created a simple Action Mapping in the Project Settings, called “ActionButton” (the mapping in this case is setted to the P key). In c++ I have setted the key binding inside of my actor SetupPlayerInputComponent method:


Where ActionPressed just prints out “Action pressed”:

void AMyCharacter::ActionPressed()
	UE_LOG(LogTemp,Warning,TEXT("Action pressed"));

However, when I create a Blueprint actor child from this c++ class, nothing happens. Moreover, if I try to print anything using the Blueprint “InputAction ActionButton” event block, nothing happens. Now, if I create another action in the project settings, and call the event inside the blueprint (without setting the ActionBinding in the c++), this action IS received.

It is like, if I bind one action inside de c++ class, then the blueprint child of this class is not able to receive such action. What do you think guys?

Thanks in advance!