(UE5) Static Meshes Don't Have Correct Textures Until I Click On Them

I’m attempting to create a very high resolution scene for photographic and possibly cinematic renders. I am using Nanite Quixel Bridge meshes. I have nanite enabled for them and everything. It’s just that when I load into the level the textures are not correct and they don’t fix themselves either. It looks almost as though the UV map is not correctly placed on them. But I know that it is not the problem because these are meshes directly taken from Quixel Bridge, and they immediately correct themselves after I click on them. I also tried to use the r.Streaming.PoolSize 4000 which did not affect their loading at all for me.

Clearly the engine is able to load them when I click on them, and I don’t have anything like LODs for the props I’m referring to either. I would like help with a solution that does not alter/compress the textures from their 8k size.