UE5 Quixel Bridge problems

Hi everyone.
I have two problems with Quixel Bridge.
1st: When I try to click on my “Local” panel to view my asset, I obtain a black screen (like this)
2nd: When I click on “Add”, after I downloaded the asset, or material or anything else, nothing happen. I don’t see any message or anything. In my “Megascan” folder, nothing is been created.

The only way for me, to put in my project the quixel asset, is drag and drop what I choose directly in the scene.

I already tried:

  • Sign out and sign in again.
  • Close and re-open UE5
  • Reinstall everything
  • Create new project (I have this problem in every project)

Anyone has a solutions?

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Hi! You’ll need to write in to support@quixel.com so one of my agents can assist you. Be sure to include everything from this post and any other relevant data so we can help as best as practicable.

Quixel Community Support Lead


Hi Jonathan, thank you for your reply.
I sent an email to support@quixel.com the same day you replied to this topic, but unfortunately, after 7 day, I didn’t hear back.

I know they must be very busy at the moment, so I want to know if is possible hear back in a short time or not.

Thanks again for your help.

48 hours is the upper maximum - could you DM me the ticket number so I can investigate?

Edit: Checked our system and you wrote in on the 8th but received a reply today. My apologies for the lateness - generally it only takes 24 to 48 hours for initial contact.

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Thanks, I noticied the reply and send back with the informations required.

Don’t worry about it, I recevied a reply, that’s what count.

Thanks again Jonathan :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Can someone share the resolution?

Perhaps you have to update the Megapixel extension for your current UE project version?

@unit23, that one is already in the accomplishments column. Didn’t help… but its a new day so anything is possible.
EDIT: Now trying a reboot, “verify,” then sign out and back in…
EDIT2: Found an issue with OneDrive permissions so project files moved to a different drive not part of OneDrive…
EDIT3: That fixed it…
Sign out
Verify UE5 Install
Move files from …user/OneDrive/Documents/UnrealProjects/ to X:/UnrealProjects/
Sign back into Quixel