UE5 Mouse loses click in editor when access BP watches?!?


I’m getting a very weird bug, when I access a watch in a blueprint, everytime the editor then stops completely responding to mouse clicks!!!

Does this happen to anybody else and if so is there a workaround? Using watches is completely useless like this…


I’m the only one? This keeps happening…

I have to kill the editor each time. What a drag

I am not aware of the issue as I haven’t been using watches that much. However, do they work for you in a template project like the blank or first person template? It could be tied to your current project.

EliasWick -

Thanks for your continued support!

I was going to post a small update later once I confirmed the following info, but it actually appears to be related to doing a breakpoint during a drag/drop operation.

Further, and though I’m still waiting for the inevitable issue to reproduce, it appears that hitting Esc if this happens clears up the issue, thus it may be that restarting the editor is not actually required.

Once I have more data, I’ll file a bug report and post here with confirmations as well.

Thanks again!

Sounds great! Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:
Best of luck with the project until we speak again! :metal:


This continues to occur. It does occur only during breaking into drag and drop operations and is thankfully cleared out by hitting Esc if it happens.

I’ll file a report, but with Esc fixing the issue, it’s very low prio I’d say.

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