UE5 Materials are glowing without emission, not nanite issue

Hello everyone,
I’m currently doing a school project and I can’t seem to find the solution to this anywhere.
When I place assets into the levels, they’re perfectly fine.
When I open assets in a preview, the mesh’s materials start glowing.
Some assets have essentially turned into lights on the previews, effectively cutting out my ability to see detail at all.
Any idea what could be happening here? It’s clearly not a nanite problem.

EDIT Further testing showed it’s an issue with the preview scene post processing, but I’m not sure what to change. I’ve used the blank background for quite some time and when I put in the preview environment, it changes back to normal. Turning on the environment fixes it whether it’s on or off.

With post processing turned off

With processing on

Hello, try to deactivate post-process effects in Edit → Project Settings → Bloom.

It looks lilke the exposure is too high in the post process volume. You can also either lower or turn off bloom there.