UE5 interface, hard to see/find stuff ? -- everything too gray and tiny?

am I the only only a little bothered by this “immersive” new look of UE5?, I understand the cleanness and beauty of the new interface and how it will distract “less” from the actual work in viewport, but from my perspective, it is also counterproductive, since now I have to focus way more to find a very small, now un-colored button on any panel. there’s almost no color distinction for icons, everything is gray making it actually harder to see, hence spending even more time than before in those panels when you try to find something.

and things like compile button super tiny indicators, and stuff like that. will it be customizable?. I’m very proefficient working with ue4 interface, that proefficiency went down by 50% of more with the new interface.

and I’m teaching a couple of guys, and we had to start from ue4 because that’s the only way they can understand and clearly see where everything is. I see this new interface harder to pick up for newbies too.

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