UE5 GenerateProjectFiles on engine source is creating a solution for Windows 8.1 (as opposed to Windows 10)

I clicked on Setup.bat in the engine folder then when that was done I typed (on the command line):
GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2019
Then in the actual project I clicked on:
Switch Visual Studio version...
and selected the engine source I just built.
Then on the command line I typed:
<AbsolutePathToEngine>\GenerateProjectFiles.bat <AbsolutePathToProject>\MyProject.uproject -2019
When I open the created solution file in VS I see:
UE5 (Windows 8.1)
Is this normal? Why 8.1?
Also, I’m manually typing the -2019 but I also tried changing
and got the same results. I have three different versions of VS on my computer and if I don’t specify which one I want, Unreal automatically picks 2022 which has build errors for me.
It might not be a problem that it’s built for Windows 8.1 so if that’s the case, let me know. It worries me that it’s some weird version in parenthesis, but otherwise it seems to run.
The solution image: