UE5 Early Access BIG viewport glitch

Please see the attached captures.

It only happens on perspective view. If I am in a camera, or even if I am on perspective view but have the camera selected, the glitchy doesn’t show.

Of course, this doesn´t happen in UE4x or in general in any other app software, so it´s specific to UE5.

I kinda refuse to think it´s just me with this issue, but have not found anything similar.

This happens when real-time updating is disabled for the viewport. Go to the menu next to Perspective and first option is a real-time toggle, is it on?

If it is, and you still see this actively, then yeah probably a bug. I noticed that it can happen to me when I disable it, then turn it on, rarely it’ll show up for a bit then go away.

Thanks a lot, mate.

I had just did that, before readying your reply but despide having a nice viewport I had no clue of what was going on. So I appreciate the explanation.

I managed to completely ‘fix’ this by changing my anti-aliasing method from FXAA back to temporal.

Weirdly enough as well, taking a high resolution screenshot was a temporary fix, but I had to do that every time I booted my project.

Really weird, but I figured that the high resolution screenshot was what seemed to trigger it in the first place for me, so I tried to take one again and boom, kinda fixed.

Was rippng my hair out over this so thought to post these solutions incase anyone else may need it until it’s officially fixed for good.


Thanks! This fixed mine as well. Still an issue with UE5 to date (feb22).

Looks like it’s only FXAA that does that. Weirdly selecting a static mesh temporarily fixes the issue for me but obviously quite annoying when not having anything selected.