UE5 does no longer output pixel velocities for animated meshes

In our UE4 (v4.26) project, we have a scene capture with a post-process material that captures and stores images on the disk. The material obtains the content of SceneTexture velocity, which is expected to provide information regarding pixel velocity for all moving objects in the scene, including animated meshes.

However, upon transitioning to Unreal Engine 5, we have noticed that the outputs from the scene capture no longer display pixel velocity information for animated meshes. Instead, only camera movement and other moving objects are correctly captured. Is there a specific setting that changed between versions and is causing this behavior? Why would animated meshes not count towards pixel velocity calculations?

I attached a simplified project in both UE 4.26 and 5.1 that replicates the issue. Starting the simulation saves images in the project save folder.

Link to projects here