UE5 Custom Shading Model

Hi and thanks for UE5 early access!

After digging a little I didn’t find the info.
Does UE5 now allows the possibility of adding new Custom Shading Model without engine modification?


I’d like to know, too

I hope UE5 can give more support to Cartoon Shading

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Would also like to know this

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I’m also hoping we’ll one day see this feature, but I can confirm by looking at the common shaders and engine headers, that there’s been no movement towards this whatsoever. I also think that ultimately we’re unlikely to ever see this feature without a lot more people being vocal about getting it. As of right now the entire shading model system only allows for a maximum of 16 shading models; with the real limit being more like 15 due to the material expression feature.

If this ever lands, it’ll be a very big change likely requiring reworking of the material system and shader generation. So it’s likely not a great ROI for Epic to pursue this any time soon unfortunately.

We really need at least some official documents on how to modify the engine to add custom shading models. The current state is terrible: no API, no document, no tutorial. Even if you made it work by modifying the source code, the next update is going to break it anyway.

And it’s not just about UE5… in the whole life cycle of UE4, there wasn’t ever an official statement about how we should add our shading models. Wait for the API? Modify the engine?