UE5 Crashes on Level BP Compile

I tried uploading an image, apologies if it didn’t work.

Hello, I’m having a strange issue where my editor will crash 100% of the time if I hit the compile button in my level BP window, even if I don’t make any changes. My work around for this is to save, hit play and let it crash, send the error report and restart, and it will have compiled anyway.

Here is the log that I see when it crashes:

Assertion failed: UnderlyingArchive.IsSaving() || UnderlyingArchive.IsCountingMemory() [File:D:/build/++UE5/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/Class.cpp] [Line: 1510]

Any luck getting your level back? I had the same issue and was really worried I’d have to start that map again.

I got around it by duplicating the map and starting that. seems to work fine.
Having trouble cleaning up the original level though but so far okay to ignore it.

Nope, never could fix it. Finished the project by only compiling when I absolutely had to. Is it just me or does official UE support suck? I understand this is UE5 Preview, but this isn’t a UE5 exclusive issue. Not only did I not find solutions for this, I never found solutions for anything anyone else posts either, where it’s in ue4 or ue5. This community takes care of itself, no one from the UE team seems to care.