UE5 - Changed variable from Float to Vector. UE5 crashed and crashes on launch.

The longer version is that in a blueprint I needed Vector 3 instead of a float, so I changed an existing variable which had one instance where it was used, but I didn’t thought of it much so I just changed it thinking that after update ill just redraw the lines in blueprint to quickly fix errors.
But the project crashed and it seems it saved it before crashing.
Now when I open project It can’t even open the project.
The project crashes on launch and reporter says “Couldnt determine property copy type (Acceleration → Y)” Which probably means, can’t figure out why float is vector or something on those lines…

So… I’m kind of new to UE. I was wondering is there some kind of saved version back ups of blueprints that had been edited lately? Is it possible to get a saved version of this blueprint pre crash? As I was saving it quite often and it was the Auto save that it seems who screwed me.

If I remove the blueprint from the project, the project opens fine, the moment I re add and try to open it, it crashes…