[UE5.2]Animation Instance Broken in Multiplayer


I’m running into the next issue of UE5.2, this time the Animation Instance (it seams like everything is broken right now).

I have a Multiplayer FPS where I use the Physic Asset as Hitboxes. It all works out great and the project is nearly 5 years in development. It started in UE 4 and was ported to UE 5 a while ago. I now wanted to add a knocked down system and started to implement the basics.

It visually and by values works on client and server, the knocked down player is shown in the knocked down pose. However It won’t update the Physic asset. This is still in the old pose and so breaking the game.

The issue is any blending or transistion. This Blend pose by Bool is breaking it. Removing the Blend pose by bool node and connecting the knocked down animation directly and it works. So I figured out as a workaround I could switch the AnimInstance Class on Knocked down. This would work as long as I have the knocked down animation directly attached the Output Pose.

As soon as I try to smooth it out, like so:

It’s broken again.

Is this a known issue or is there any fix?