UE4Editor.exe unresponive after VRPreview

When I follow these steps, I get an error and will never be able to launch VRPreview unless I reboot HMD.

  1. Connect HTC Vive to dev box properly.
  2. Launch UE editor.
  3. Click “VRPreview”, then VR experience runs
  4. Click “ESC” on the keyboard to exit the experience
  5. Look at the Steam VR window, beneath green “Ready”, it shows “(unresponsive) UE4Editor.exe” in red text.

Anyone knows how to resolve this issue? It has been impeding me from developing VR at all with unreal.

Hi, did you solved your issue yet?

I’m having a similar one, except the error message shows up as soon as I start the editor or an application builded with it.
All steam games work fine though, and that’s what I find weird, the issue is specific to UE.

I have seen it could be related to the plugging but my monitor and headset or both plugged into the same graphic card.

Hope somebody has a clue :slight_smile: